Reducing practice risk for lawyers.

“4 out of 5 lawyers will have at least one malpractice claim during their career¹.”


Fines, legal expenses, lost time, damage to reputation, potential loss of business, and, in the worst cases, suspension or disbarment can be some of the consequences.

Lawyers spend thousands of dollars every year on professional liability insurance to reduce the consequences of a complaint, and lower overall risk to their practice. But insurance only addresses the consequence side of the risk formula.

Can lawyers easily and effectively reduce the likelihood of complaints, and reduce risk to their practice even more? Without spending thousands of additional dollars?

Yes, they can.

Taking a professional self-assessment designed specifically for lawyers has been demonstrated to reduce complaints against lawyers significantly. In one study published by the University of Melbourne the effect was a remarkable 60%.

The results showed that the actual self-assigned scores were unrelated to the level of improvement. What mattered most was simply taking it– the changes in behavior and self-awareness it promoted alone led to fewer complaints.

One thing is clear; it’s unnecessary and unwise to leave that much risk on the table. Reduce the chances of–or altogether avoid–a future claim of malpractice. Take a regular professional self-assessment made for lawyers.


Subscription Value – what you get in the box

AvvyPro is a platform built for lawyers that focuses on improving professional performance through a self-assessment styled learning tool–a refreshing alternative to the lecture-based format of most professional development programs.

It delivers benefits to subscribers in three areas–the process of doing the professional self-assessment, the resulting reports, and the data-driven dashboard providing next steps and CLE resources.

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Operationalizing Professional Conduct

AvvyPro’s “Operationalizing Professional Conduct” is a 10 section, self-assessment styled professional development program designed to help lawyers incorporate the Model Rules of Professional Conduct into daily practice.

The program extends the desired outcomes of the Model Rules to include practical advice on managing all aspects of a modern law practice. The online modernized format maximizes engagement and makes understanding materials faster and easier.

Developed over a three year period, embedded in the program content and delivery platform are hundreds of expert hours contributed by dozens of practicing lawyers, legal regulators, accountants, data scientists and business professionals.

AvvyPro reduces practice risk

AvvyPro is a platform for lawyers who want a more data-driven approach to managing professional performance. But this isn’t another practice management tool. Think of it like a Fitbit for lawyers.

Programs are delivered through a leading technology platform accessible on any device with a modern browser–even a smartphone.

Getting started is easy

Click here to start 3144227311 on Competent Practice. You don’t have to finish it all at once–you can return and do further sections at your convenience.

The important thing is to start, and begin lowering the risk profile of your practice today.

Easier CPD Planning

If reducing risk to your practice isn’t enough, the AvvyPro program also makes CPD planning easier by delivering a personalized planning document. After completing each section in the program, AvvyPro’s resource algorithm goes to work curating a list of CLE resources and further reading, prioritized to the lowest scoring areas of the assessment. It’s a CPD planning tool that understands exactly what you need most, goes and finds it for you, and puts it in one convenient place for easy reference.

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